Employing Genre Analysis and Parallel Texts as a Guide to Translating Medical Research Articles between Chinese and English





translation of pharmaceutical research articles, Chinese-English translation, scientific and medical translation, genre analysis, parallel texts, translation strategies


Despite technical and scientific texts constituting a considerable proportion of translated materials worldwide, the translation of such texts, particularly academic texts in medical science, remains understudied. Some translators may be unfamiliar with specialist medical and pharmaceutical terminology or lack knowledge about translation conventions. This article examines the bi-directional translation of pharmaceutical research articles between English and Chinese, providing insights to translators experiencing these problems. We analyse the genre’s features in both languages and locate similarities and differences via recourse to parallel texts. The findings and our approach can be generalised to the translation of texts of this kind, addressing certain translation problems in an evidence-based way.


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Author Biography

Zhaoyu Bing, China Pharmaceutical University, China

Zhaoyu Bing (First author)

Email: zybing1983@cpu.edu.cn

Zhaoyu Bing is a lecturer at the School of Foreign Languages, China Pharmaceutical University. He is doing his doctoral research at the University of Liverpool (Suzhou Campus). He obtained his double Masters in Translation and Interpreting Studies from Monash University and Southeast University and was a visiting academic and master program Teaching Assistant for the Translation and Interpreting Program at Monash University in Melbourne (2018–2019). His research interests involve scientific translation, inter-cultural communication, and China Studies.