Call For Reviewers

The International Journal of Chinese and English Translation & Interpreting (IJCETI) is the first peer-reviewed international journal devoted to the T&I research, training and practice of Chinese and English language pair. It promotes a cross-fertilization among research, training and professional practice in Chinese/English T&I studies. The journal publishes high quality articles based on merit, rigour and integrity. It adopts the open-access policy to promote accessibility and academic impact.

The journal publishes two issues per annum (June and December), plus one guest-edited special issue where there is an interest.

We are looking to expand our team of expert peer reviewers and would be delighted for you to join our team of reviewers.

Please email your CV to listing your experience in writing, publishing, reviewing and editing if any. Please supply the following basic information on the first page of your CV.

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Areas of Interest  (Please provide up to 5 main areas of interest in which you would like to review manuscripts).

You will be contacted if you are qualified and suitable to be a reviewer.