About the Journal

International Journal of Chinese and English Translation & Interpreting (ISSN: 2753-6149), an open-access journal

The International Journal of Chinese and English Translation & Interpreting (IJCETI) is an international, open access, and peer-reviewed journal on Chinese and English translation and interpreting. This specific language pair is of increasing interest among both scholars and practitioners as it represents two major languages for international business, cultural exchange and global collaboration in the 21st century.

The Journal publishes a broad range of original articles including but not restricted to research articles, commentaries, tutorials, professional practice reflections, book reviews, and other forms of scholarly outcomes from academic studies and professional practices. Novel formats of articles that can effectively share experience, knowledge, and know-how are welcome.

As one of the AT-Journals (ATJs), this journal follows the open-access (OA) regime in general, but adopts additional, enhanced and unique operational models to promote the AJTs’ ethos of academic rigour, professional practicality, rapid dissemination, “fairness for all” and value for money. Bridging and filling the gaps of traditional periodicals, the journal strives to break the barriers among the disciplines and foster the fusion of academic studies and professional practices. One important mission is to enable the publication of good works (especially those from under-funded or unfunded scholarly activities and professional practices) that are otherwise left unpublished and undiscovered. The journal aims to provide an easy-to-access platform with effective workflows for authors, reviewers and editors, as well as a free-to-access, reliably archived and well-indexed knowledge base for the broadest range of readers.

IJCETI published its first issue in June 2022.